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Our Media

Being apart of Outsiders Movement and OSC involves using your voice to speak on issues that affect our day to day. 

Here you can find our ambassadors doing just that by being featured in local/national publications and podcasts.

College Cures: Freshman Year and Chill: 3 Tips to Ensure You Balance Academics and Social Life

On this publication, our Founder/President Darrion Nimrod gives his 3 Tips to balance academics and social life! (click picture!)


iEyeNews: Empowering Minority Businesses: A Catalyst for Inclusive Economic Growth

On this publication, our Founder/President Darrion Nimrod reflects on the start of Outsiders and OSC and gives his insights on its growth potential. (click picture)


Main Street Sports Daily: Inclusion in the NFL

Main Street Sports Daily (Nashville) invited our Founder/President on to speak on Inclusion in the NFL. (click picture, 30th minute.)


Authority Magazine: Social Impact Heroes

Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Deejay ‘Darrion’ Nimrod Is Helping To Change Our World (Click Picture)

authority black and white wide.png
Joe Tilley's Great Canadian Sports Show

"Overcoming Hard Times with Deejay Da Don"

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